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From Skeletons to Snowflakes: Preparing Your Closets and Kitchen for Season’s Greetings

Halloween may be the spooky season, but the only scary thing might be your closet once it’s over. Between the decorations and costumes, you may find your home in disarray – including finding some leftover clutter from the summer!

Don’t let the mess intimidate you, though. You can hire a professional for closet organization installations and use these tips to keep your home neat and organized.   

1. Throw Away or Donate Unneeded Items 

While you’re taking down your Halloween decorations, you may as well assess what is critical to keep in storage. Chances are you’re still holding on to knick-knacks from five years ago that you said you would surely need again one day. Free up space in your closet by sorting the things worth keeping, those that need tossing, and items that could benefit from a new home.

2. Make Costumes Easily Accessible Year-Round 

Little ones love to use their imagination and repurpose old Halloween costumes for playtime all year. Save some closet space by keeping them where your kids can reach them daily.   

3. Store Random Items Together 

We all have those random items we don’t know how to pack away. Keep these items in a storage bin labeled “Miscellaneous Items.” You’ll still have to search through the container to find what you’re looking for, but at least you’ll limit the time spent looking for daily-used items. 

4. Install a Closet Storage Organization System 

Work with professional organizers to help you find the best systems and collections for your home. Most organization solutions are customizable for different needs, so consulting with an expert regarding shelving units, hanging rods, rollout drawers, and more will help you find the best products for your budget and space.

Working with an expert will also help you designate sections in the closet for specific items to better fit your needs. For example, installing double hang rods will allow you to organize necessities, such as often-worn tops and bottoms, on the lower rod to make them more accessible.

Kitchen Wise/Closet Wise Keeps You Organized 

When you need help getting the chaos under control, call the pros at Kitchen Wise/Closet Wise. Getting organized is our specialty! Schedule your design appointment today to discover your perfect closet or kitchen organization collection. Call us at 855-210-5889, or visit us online at or for your home organization installations today!