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Create the Perfect Mudroom for Kids Without Remodeling

Create the Perfect Mudroom for Kids Without Remodeling

Not every home remodeling project has to involve sledgehammers and contractors. In fact, the most impactful choices are sometimes the simplest, like choosing to redesign or organize a space you already have. 

To that end, if you’re looking for innovative ways to rearrange your mudroom to suit your little ones, here’s how you can do it — no hard hat necessary.

Storage Will Save You

If there’s anything you can say for sure about parenthood, it’s that things will have a hard time staying where they’re supposed to. Storage, of course, becomes your best friend, so having ample storage in areas your kids frequent, such as your mudroom, will save you from tearing your hair out whenever you need to find a pair of gloves. Storage is even more crucial for homeowners with smaller mudrooms, as it allows the entirety of the space to be taken advantage of without feeling cramped.


When it comes to kid-friendly decor, schools get it right. Incorporating elements like baskets, cubbies, lockers, color-coded bins, and coat hooks with your kids’ names or favorite colors on them can make the room more fun for your kids and a lot easier for you to manage. 


You might be able to get your shoes off without toppling over, but your kids need a clear “home base” to take everything off. Without one, they might skip the mudroom entirely and track everything from the outside world right through your home. 

It seems simple, but a place to sit is nothing if not mandatory for a kid’s mudroom. Make the best use of the space by adding cubbies for shoes under a bench or getting one that opens up and allows for even more storage!

Innovation Over Renovation with Kitchen Wise and Closet Wise

If you’re perfectly happy with your space but need help with the things that inhabit it, Kitchen Wise and Closet Wise are here to help. Schedule a free design consultation with one of our organization experts today by calling 855-210-5889 and get a custom solution for a kid-centric mudroom or any other space.

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