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3 Ways to Transform Your Home for Easy Access

Cluttered spaces and inaccessible cabinets can make it more challenging to carry out routine tasks around your home. Too much difficulty using the kitchen or staying organized can sometimes prompt discussions about moving to a place with more accessibility, and leaving behind the home you’ve grown to love.

Some simple alterations to the home can help you better manage daily activities, and make it possible for you to live day-to-day with ease and comfort.

1. Keep the Entryway Clear

As the first point of contact in the home, the entryway can tend to pile up with umbrellas, shoes, clothes, and any number of other daily-used items. These can pose a tripping hazard that can become a danger as people enter and leave their homes day-to-day.

Custom organizational storage can give you plenty of space to hang bags and clothes, store shoes, and put away items before they ever get brought further into the house. A clear entryway can go a long way in preventing any falls and ensuring every item has a space for the next time you need it.

2. Accessible Kitchen Organization 

Kitchens are often full of heavy appliances that are a challenge to lift and move, which can become a hazard when stored up high or down low. An appliance lift can help you manage large items, like stand mixers or air fryers, allowing you to keep using the cooking skills you’ve honed over a lifetime. 

Appliance lifts can often be installed in existing cabinets. They use electric motors or small air pistons to help lift heavy items to counter height, and gently lower them back into place.

3. Closet Organization

A cluttered closet is a challenge for anyone, but it can be especially difficult once clutter gets in the way and pushes your necessities out of reach. Consider a closet revamp that adds easy-to-read labels and storage choices that don’t require lots of hand mobility.

Attractive, labeled cubbies can be a great way to keep smaller items like socks and undergarments tidy and within reach. These frequently-accessed items can be stored at your hip’s level so they are always on hand.

Don’t let an unorganized, tough-to-navigate space result in extra strain. If some of your items are causing more issues than accessibility, change the system used to store them. Instead, try storing items like shirts and dresses neatly folded in rollout drawers. This will maximize space and be easier to access and put away clothing on a daily basis.

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