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3 Ways to Organize Your Holiday Decorations Like a Pro

There’s something magical about the holidays – except for when you decide to pull out the holiday decorations from the garage and can’t seem to remember how you stored anything last year. It’s important to keep in mind that how you organize your decorations at the end of the season can set you up for success or stress at the start of the next season. Follow these tips to help store your decorations easily and protect them for years to come.

1. Declutter Your Collection 

Pay attention to the items you no longer use as you put away your decorations each year. You likely won’t use it again if it’s been several years since you last displayed an item. Consider donating anything that remains in good condition and discard any broken or worn items. 

If it’s possible to repair an item, consider whether it’s worth investing the time and the money to fix it. Otherwise, place it in the discard pile to save space and to make room for newer items.

2. Invest in Adequate Storage 

Storage containers make a massive difference in how you store your holiday decor long-term. There are many options when choosing the best storage options for your space depending on budget and need. For instance, think about having a professional install an overhead storage unit in your garage to keep everything up and out of the way all year-long. 

For storing an artificial Christmas tree, forget about the original box. Instead, purchase a tree storage bin to protect it from dust and debris in the garage. And get the most use out of it by storing it on top of the overhead storage unit you had installed!

3. Label Everything 

Once you’ve decluttered and organized your holiday items, create labels for easier identification next holiday season. List the contents on a piece of paper and secure it to the front of the container or lid. Use masking tape to create a label for identifying the length of string lights for easy reference in the future. 

Get by with Help From the Pros at Kitchen Wise/Closet Wise  

Before throwing your holiday decorations anywhere they’ll fit, start with an organization system with adequate storage space to set yourself up for the next decorating season. Kitchen Wise/Closet Wise offers customizable collections that will keep you organized and fit your budget. Whether you’re looking for solutions in your garage or closet, you need the pros at Kitchen Wise/Closet Wise. 

Schedule your free design consultation today to see how our closet organization installations can work for you. Call us at 855-210-5889, or visit our website at or

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